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Jim is senior analytics executive with expertise in data science, enterprise marketing strategy, and customer insights, who delivers end-to-end analytics solutions to assist marketers, finance managers, and other professionals in strategic planning and executive-level decision-making.  He is proficient at evaluating data and key performance metrics to implement continuous improvements to drive operational efficiencies, improve the performance of targeted marketing campaigns, mitigate risk, and ensure ROI and profitability. He is fluent in the different languages used by top management, data scientists, statisticians, finance and marketers, and able to use them to help him solve complex business problems.  He has a dual MBA from UC Berkeley Haas and Columbia Business School.


John is a 20 year marketing veteran with experience spanning four specialty marketing fields.  He has worked in global HQ roles, US field office roles, and in international field offices (China) as well as in regional US firms.   Passionate about building brand affinity by innovatively engaging customers with relevant online and physical customer experience designs. John's leadership style is direct, meritocratic, accessible, empathetic, individualized, and honed for all working models today: office, hybrid and remote.  He encourages debate across all levels and believe this is the best way to arrive at the best ideas.
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