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Breakthrough Strategies for Data-Driven Growth.

Unleash the power of your data and convert it into actionable insights and improved results.  When your data scientists and marketers are not able to communicate what they need from each other, we can help bridge the gap.  Get an unbiased perspective. Ensure the basic are being done brilliantly and then help jumpstart innovation.  



Engage, Convert, Retain:
Uncover New Customer Opportunities.

Using predictive analytics, AI, data science, and research, we uncover the customer opportunities hidden in your data by creating winning acquisition strategies and streamlined processes, plans, re-vamped marketing functions, or new content that engages, converts, and retains the best customers.


Jim Monteleone

Co-Founder, Managing Director – Data Science

Jim is a results-driven executive with over two decades of leadership in data science and analytics, coupled with a proven track record of driving transformative business outcomes for clients such as Amperity, Adobe, AlixPartners, Intuit, Nomura Japan, Visa, and Wells Fargo. He is a gifted communicator and persuader of technical and analytical concepts to decision makers with nontechnical backgrounds.

Jim excels in leveraging machine learning, AI, and innovative thinking to deliver solutions spanning data science, product, engineering, and marketing domains. He has dual MBAs from UC Berkeley Haas and Columbia Business School.

John Leeman

Co-Founder, Managing Director – Marketing Leadership

John is a customer insight centered, data-driven marketing operator and executive leader who specializes in driving hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales growth for midsized companies with aggressive sales goals. With extensive B2B and B2C experience with global enterprises like Microsoft, P&G, American Express, and Samsung and numerous mid-stage Fintech, SaaS Software, Media, and Retail startups, John knows how to quickly and efficiently reapply the most sophisticated brand creative, media, eCommerce retail UX/UI, and measurement techniques to help high-growth companies experience forecastable rapid growth.



We believe that the key to optimizing your valuable data can create vastly improved brand strategies, user experiences, acquisition models, loyalty campaigns, and promotional programs. But doing this requires a deep understanding of:


your true customers are, their value, and what drives their needs?


are the barriers to purchase and what will overcome those barriers?


do you keep those customers engaged and happy with your company and its products?

Helping Clients In These Business Sectors

  • Financial Services/FinTech/Banking (B2C & B2B)

  • Enterprise and Consumer Software/Technology

  • Telecom/Consumer Electronics

  • Multi-channel and eCommerce Retail

  • Food/Beverage CPG/Grocery

  • Family Care/Baby Care

  • Gifting and Specialty Behavior Categories

  • Healthcare/OTC/Pharma

  • Lifestage-Lifestyle Marketing

  • Media/MarTech/AdTech

Using These Systems
and Technologies

  • Analytics & Business Intelligence

  • ROI and Attribution Modeling

  • CRM, Marketing Automation, & Database Marketing

  • Data Management Platforms (DMP's)

  • Next-Gen UX Platforms (A.I. Voice Skills, AR/VR)

Delivering These Marketing Consulting Solutions

  • Acquisition, Loyalty, & Retention Marketing

  • Agency Procurement & Optimization

  • Brand Positioning & Creative Campaigns

  • Consumer Research & Insights

  • Content Strategy & Content Marketing

  • eCommerce & Retail Shopper Marketing

  • Forecast Modeling

  • International Expansion

  • Marketing Organization Design & Optimization

  • Media Investment and Communications Planning

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Product Development

  • Product Launches and New Markets

  • Social Media & PR Strategy

  • Strategic Consulting

  • Team Design & Recruiting

Reach out

Let us help you scale your successful business through our analytics-driven, customer-centered approach to innovative go-to-market planning. 

One 60 minute preliminary free assessment can often uncover key gaps that can unlock significant growth opportunities.  Make an appointment now and find out for yourself.​

Located in Seattle, WA

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